Key Results

4 hours
Time onsite prior to bank opening
10 days
Deliverable turnaround time


A national banking client had a location that was built 40 years ago. Because the building was so outdated, its parking lot was also in poor shape. The bank budgeted to rebuild and overlay parts of the parking lot, but there were no site plans or past surveys available to assist. Drainage issues caused water ponding in several spots, and there were also soil and stormwater concerns. 

Getting a civil engineering team to survey the parking lot was going to be an expensive task. The onsite survey time and turnaround time of deliverables were primary concerns of the project. The client contacted IDS to help simplify the survey process from start to finish.


IDS provided aerial drone imaging to create first-person perspectives of the site. This allowed client team members to walk the site without having to travel to it. Data was collected quickly and accurately and the timeline of deliverables was also reduced compared to traditional methods. Services included:

Once images and data were captured, the client team used IDS Viewer to store and share everything (CAD drawings, aerial imaging, contouring, elevation changes, and profiles) instead of using multiple databases. The cloud-based IDS platform allowed team members and stakeholders to collaborate at the same time from anywhere in the world.


IDS was able to get onsite for four hours prior to the bank opening without interrupting daily operations. Deliverables were turned around in 10 days – a big improvement in efficiency. Delivery would have taken a couple weeks using traditional survey methods. The process streamlined collaboration between consultants and stakeholders. A comprehensive parking management plan (PMP) with specific timelines was also put in place as a result of the project.

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