Turn Immersive Property Models into Streamlined Decision-Making

Our virtual design and construction (VDC) services allow facilities managers, contractors, project managers, and more to view immersive digital models of their properties and sites from anywhere in the world. By leveraging our extensive field service team to capture imagery and upload it to the IDS Viewer, VDC helps save time and money by minimizing travel expenses and by delivering more accurate data for cost analysis and decision-making. While our CAD/BIM services create digital representations of your facilities, our VDC software takes those models to help you plan every aspect of project execution – from budgeting to scheduling and risk management. Through the IDS Viewer, stakeholders can access the most up-to-date imagery and data while collaborating virtually to streamline offsite coordination. We are here to help improve communication, control costs, and improve the overall quality of even your most complex projects.

Our VDC Services

Interior or Exterior
2D & 3D
Accuracy Reporting
3DVR Tour
3D Mesh Model
CAD/BIM Models & Exports

Why Choose IDS for Virtual Design and Construction Services?

Extensive Field Network

Save time and money by leveraging our nationwide network of Certified Imagery Technicians to perform high-quality 3D scanning of all your facilities.

Full-Scale View

Capture and access immersive, 3D virtual environments to experience a detailed, high-definition view of all of your facilities and assets.

Better Decision-Making

Gain a new perspective of your facilities from anywhere in the world to help inform more efficient and precise decision-making.

Time Savings

Our professional field network specializes in efficient rollout and turnaround, eliminating the need for you to travel to sites while helping capture and share actionable imagery all on your desired timeline.

Easy Integration

Document and manage historical plans and add existing floor plans or 2D drawings to any site.


Whether you're a regional business with a few locations or a nationwide brand with hundreds of facilities, we are capable of scaling our offering to meet your needs.