Assess Your Facilities Inside and Out

Infrared thermal imaging services from IDS allow you to assess the condition of all of your facilities and to pinpoint potential water and heat damage areas with infrared roof, façade, and video capabilities performed by our industry-best team of thermography professionals. We make it easier to determine the health of your assets and to work with inspectors and maintenance personnel to facilitate repairs and proactive maintenance. Through aerial and terrestrial imaging, we are able to provide you with a complete picture of your properties inside and out, so you can make the right decisions to grow your business.

Our Infrared Thermal Imaging Services

Aerial or Terrestrial
Interior or Exterior
Infrared Roof
Infrared Video
Infrared Results Summary
Infrared MEP Assessment

Why Choose IDS for Infrared Thermal Imaging Services?

Extensive Field Network

Save time and money by leveraging our nationwide network of Certified Imagery Technicians to capture detailed, high-quality infrared imagery of all your facilities.

Full-Scale View

Capture and access immersive, high-quality virtual environments to experience a detailed, high-definition view of all of your facilities and assets.

Better Decision-Making

Gain a new perspective of your facilities from anywhere in the world to help inform more efficient and precise decision-making.


Whether you're a regional business with a few locations or a nationwide brand with hundreds of facilities, we are capable of scaling our offering to meet your needs.

Time Savings

Our professional field network specializes in efficient rollout and turnaround, helping capture and share actionable imagery all on your desired timeline.


Visually verify phases of project completion, monitor for safety and compliance, and provide status updates for stakeholders.