Gain Better Insights Through In-Depth Data

Whether capturing data to support your high-resolution imagery or to serve as the leading project focus, the IDS platform enables you to host and access in-depth data from anywhere to help make critical and informed decisions about your facilities and your business. While our image capture services allow you to position yourselves within your properties from anywhere in the world, our data capture services provide the invaluable insight you need to gain a more complete perspective of your sites, their current condition, and what steps need to be taken next. The IDS platform allows you to capture and document data – either on your own or through our nationwide Certified Imagery Network – upload with custom notes and metadata and then share in the form of customizable and automated reports. We’re here to provide you with the data capture services you need to make more efficient and precise decisions to help your business and projects scale.

Our Data Capture Services

Interior or Exterior
Façade Field Tests
Asset Labels & Schedules
MEP Tagging & Tracking
Measurements & Dimensions
Condition Assessments

Why Choose IDS for Data Capture Services?

Customizable Reporting

Extract data into customizable reports using the IDS Report Builder tool and share with key stakeholders for improved alignment and decision-making.

Extensive Field Network

Save time and money by leveraging our nationwide network of Certified Imagery Technicians to create detailed, high-quality plans for all of your sites.

Better Decision-Making

Access in-depth data paired with high-quality imagery from anywhere in the world to help inform more efficient and precise decision-making.


Build reusable data models and automate data transformation with repeatable tasks and workflows, resulting in more efficient and precise reporting as your business and projects scale.


Whether you're a regional business with a few locations or a nationwide brand with hundreds of facilities, we are capable of scaling our offering to meet your needs.

Time Savings

Our professional field network specializes in efficient rollout and turnaround, helping capture and share actionable imagery and data all on your desired timeline.


Real Estate
Facility Management

Real Estate

Our survey solution creates immersive 360° aerial imagery, terrestrial scans, and 3D building models to conduct all projects for real estate, architects, marketing, and sales with as-built conditions, 3D content, and virtual site visits.

  • 4 million square feet analyzed
  • 6,794 images produced
  • Published in 5 days


Help retailers visualize their remodel initiatives from a centralized location to make critical business decisions. Leverage up-to-date visual and dimensional information for asset documentation, site maintenance, remodel projects, visual merchandising, and marketing.

  • 634 sites completed
  • 4 months from start to finish
  • 80% ROI generated

Facility Management

Access clear visual and dimensional data for size, layout, and quality control. Achieve reduced timelines for parking lot inspections, assessments, and visibility, as well as streamlined communications to onsite vendors for construction and space management details.