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Step into the “iGDT Experience” – a dynamic realm of real-time insights and actionable information. iGDT marks a paradigm shift, enabling multi-site portfolio management with a 360° view, eliminating the need for a physical presence. Experience the properties as if you were there.

Entire Property Lifecycle

Through the creation of our dynamic and interactive digital twins, we breathe life into properties, offering our clients a single, reliable source of truth. Our immersive reality experience and robust platform ensure continuous access to property data and models throughout the entire lifecycle, providing a stable and enduring solution.

Acquire - Evaluating location, condition and potential. Optimize - Amplify opportunities to increase property value. Stabilize - Ensure effective property & portfolio management. Operate - Continuously assess and improve operational efficiency. Divest - Prepare and plan for optimal timing of divestiture.
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Pioneering Expertise and Innovation

Explore our journey from legacy asset management to cutting-edge CRE property technology. With over a decade of success, Immersion Data Solutions has become an industry trailblazer, seamlessly fusing geo-spatial data and immersive reality capture to unveil untapped property value.

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Transformative Visibility Through Integrated and Scalable Solutions

Discover our reimagined approach to transparency and property insights. Our immersive digital twin platform acts as a beacon of unparalleled visibility, simplifying access to comprehensive data once locked in complex silos. Make informed decisions and optimize property management strategies with ease.

Enhancing Efficiency and Customer Success

Efficiency is at the heart of our customer-centric approach. Our reimagined identity reflects our dedication to delivering tangible value. Unlock efficiency gains across operations through streamlined processes and innovative tools, setting the stage for sustained growth and prosperity.

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Revolutionary iGDT Platform Unveiled

Immerse yourself in the future of property engagement with iGDT. Our Geo-Spatial Digital Twin platform seamlessly merges geo-spatial data with cutting-edge immersive reality capture. Explore properties in immersive 3D virtual reality, uncover latent potential, and make informed decisions like never before.

What Can iGDT Do For Your Business?

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