Complete Solutions Facilities Management

Our immersive facilities management solutions help you transform how you manage sites from anywhere in the world through our secure, web-based platform. Access virtual walkthroughs, full-scale digital twins, and more to streamline cross-functional operations while facilitating asset management, risk management, operations and maintenance, and business management. With our high-resolution imagery and in-depth data, you are able to equip your team to more effectively plan, collaborate, and organize facilities management tasks while saving time and money previously spent traveling to each site. Through 360VR, 3D model, infrared scanning, moisture readers, and more, you can visualize the entirety of your properties to inform more precise decision-making as it pertains to maintenance, investment, and direction to onsite personnel.


Facilities Management Solutions

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Building Envelope

Design and manage facilities by accessing a digital replica of your site for improved operation, maintenance, and investment decision-making.


Visually monitor your sites to know the state of your infrastructure and machinery from anywhere in the world.


Achieve virtual walkthrough of entire sites and conduct inspections with geo-referenced image capture to more effectively communicate data and direction to onsite personnel.

Condition & Assessment

Assess the condition of every aspect of all of your facilities inside and out with fully immersive virtual environments and real-time, actionable data – all in one place.

Asset Evaluation

Achieve a credible and precise valuation of your properties to help determine the best strategy to meet your short- and long-term objectives.


Visualize every inch of your sites virtually to facilitate more informed and precise decision-making for restoration projects.

Energy Analysis

Analyze all energy sources including water, gas, thermal, and renewables through full-scale visuals of your entire facility inside and out.

Moisture Intrusion

Inspect your sites for signs of leaks and moisture intrusion and streamline maintenance and decision-making in a fraction of the time.


Put our infrared imaging services to work and access detailed imagery through IDS Viewer to optimize inspections and building maintenance.