View Your Business From a Whole New Angle

White drone
White drone

The ways we think about and execute the built environment are changing every day, and with that change comes new concerns of how to best manage and improve these facilities. To keep up, we need a detailed, 360-degree view of all of our facilities, paired with anytime access to the right data that will help us make critical and informed decisions for our buildings and the people inside them.

Immersion Data Solutions provides businesses and service providers with this wall-to-wall capability, integrating our extensive field network of image capturing solutions with our robust and intuitive data visualization platform. We don’t simply walk through your facilities taking pictures or do a couple drone flyovers. We capture every detail of your facility from every angle, creating immersive virtual environments that allow you to place yourself within any one your properties at any time. Then, we bring this imagery and all the right figures together in one place, so you can make the critical decisions necessary to advance the future of your business.

From aerial and 3D imaging to BIM/CAD and asset tracking, we capture every aspect of your environment and bring it to life with the data you need to grow your business. While our business may seem small, our relationships, approach, and capabilities are colossal, serving to provide retailers, hospitality companies, contractors, and more with tailored solutions for any and every challenge.

In the spaces of integrated facilities management, as-built construction, real estate, and more, we partner with clients to serve as a true extension of your strategic planning team, backed by our longstanding culture of trust and a mutual desire to see you grow. When you unleash the power of immersive and actionable imagery, you win.


“One of the most valuable benefits of working with IDS is they really take the feedback to heart and constantly improve and expand the features of both the online platform and the app”

Rado Ivanov – Marriott Global Design

Why IDS?

Cost Savings

Save money spent on travel and field work resources by decreasing site visits, improving lag time, and enabling anytime access to the imagery and data you need to make more cost-effective decisions.

Improved Processes

Leverage our extensive field network and robust data platform while collaborating with stakeholders in real time to inform more efficient and precise decision-making.

Better Decision-Making

Access detailed reporting, data sorting, analytics, and more, powered by AI to streamline analysis and alignment toward the goals of your business.

Time Savings

Save time by letting our extensive, nationwide field network do the legwork, getting onsite quickly to help you access your properties virtually from anywhere in the world.

Full-Scale View

Access your virtual environment that's even better than being onsite, with the right shots at the right angle and perspective to see more than you could from the ground or the ladder.

Trusted Partnership

Receive personalized support and scalable, tailored solutions with help from a trusted and collaborative partner.