aerial view of building

Key Results

1.5M and 2.5M
Square-foot facilities
Partnership between client and manufacturer


A roofing consultant had been working with a car manufacturer to address some water issues on the roofs of two of its plants. The plants were 1.5M and 2.5M square feet in size. The manufacturer was looking for a long-term solution. They started working with the roofing consultant, who turned to IDS to help with the project. The consultant needed help creating a roof management plan that was proactive and preventative. Safety was a top challenge due to the risk, scale, and efficiency required for the project. The consultant had typically been using traditional methods to inspect and assess roofs. This presented challenges in having to walk and scan both roofs at night with infrared handheld devices to collect visuals and data.


IDS provided aerial drone imaging to create first-person views and walkthroughs of the roofs of both buildings. Aerial infrared scanning helped determine the specific water issues and any areas of the roof at risk of water damage or leaking. Services included:

From the imagery and infrared scans in the IDS platform, the roofing consultants were able to create a plan for conducting core sampling. They were also able to use the IDS Capture app to walk and document core samples and their action codes. IDS then customized the app to tie in specific action codes so the consultant could start creating a proposed plan for the facilities. The consultants used the imagery, IR, and data collection to create a roof replacement program. They used the IDS platform to present the what, where, why, and how moving forward.


IDS helped capture and cover two large industrial plants while reducing delivery timelines and risk. The result was a multi-year partnership between the consultant and the vehicle manufacturer. The IDS platform also helped create a roof replacement and management plan with specific timelines.

IDS continually looks to partner with industry specialty experts looking for a way to differentiate themselves from their competition. Providing immersive imagery with their expert reporting enhances the value they can deliver to their clients.

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