Key Results

Architectural and design savings
Stores in less than 2 months
Thousands $$$
Travel cost savings


A global retailer was preparing to remodel hundreds of its facilities around the world. First, they needed to assess the current condition of each facility. This included capturing images and data of each location to determine the budget and resources needed for the project. This would also help determine the expected timeline for the project. The client needed a survey to capture the interior, exterior front, and rooftop equipment of each location. They faced challenges allowing team members and consultants access to the images and data for each location. They also had issues coordinating travel to each site and getting timely construction quotes.


The client worked with IDS to perform complete surveys of all of its properties, with the goal of minimizing travel needs by capturing and providing information on every location in one cloud-based platform. Identifying the main visual deficiencies of each property was a key focus. Services included:

In all, IDS helped the client streamline information-sharing and collaboration between project stakeholders. IDS’s work also allowed for the creation of digital twins to inform and speed up the bidding process in the future.

The client is now able to pull reports and information quickly and easily, and take advantage of GIS and mapping capabilities. Access to the final data was granted via a secure platform. This has helped minimize travel requirements for large projects, while still allowing for accurate project assessments. By capturing the locations in one platform, all stakeholders are able to create detailed, comprehensive visuals of each property with ease. This has helped reduce time-to-market costs among service providers when submitting bids on new remodels.


IDS largely improved the client’s project timeline, completing full surveys of 300 locations in less than two months. The client also experienced $1.5M in architectural and design savings and enabled virtual bidding capability for future projects. IDS also provided virtual user training and support to ensure lasting success throughout the project and in the weeks and months that followed.

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