3d rendering of buildings

Key Results

Reduction in cost
Reduction in timeline
Reduction in resource utilization


Prior to working with IDS, the client had undergone a façade assessment conducted by a building envelope inspection specialist from a third-party resource. The assessment findings had been presented in a summary outlining each building’s current conditions and recommended next steps. The total timeline of each façade assessment took 21 days per property and required site visits from an FAA pilot, a visual observer, and the building envelope inspection specialist – where the majority of the cost was focused. As a result, the client was in search of a more streamlined and cost-effective way to conduct façade assessments that would help it make critical and informed decisions regarding all of its facilities.


The client contracted IDS to perform a façade assessment of all of its properties, making use of a field service team that included an FAA pilot and a terrestrial field manager to capture UAS imagery of the roof and parapet transition, HD 360° first-person perspectives, verification of property and elevations, and more. Deliverables included:

  • HD aerial orthomosaic map
  • HD aerial building façade view
  • HD façade inspection imagery
  • HD geotagged survey, audit, and inspection asset imagery
  • 3D building point cloud model
  • Field test result imagery
  • Individual building façade assessment summary
  • Comprehensive portfolio façade assessment comparison

In all, IDS provided the client with fully immersive imagery with high zoomability to help highlight focal and deficiency areas via the remote IDS Viewer platform.


The field service team captured comprehensive, HD imagery and data in three hours per site and four days per store versus 21 days per store through the previous party. Once captured in the field, the imagery was then published and viewable from anywhere within three days. Resource utilization was also reduced, as there was no longer a need for an internal resource to compile the façade assessment comparison. Instead, this deliverable was included IDS’s façade assessment package. In completing this project with IDS, the client can now view, assess, and make decisions regarding its properties without needing to travel or send team members to any of its locations.

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