Key Results

Reduction in CAD/BIM service cost
7 days
Imagery turnaround time
21 days
Plans turnaround time


A global hospitality company was completing an acquisition of a new multi-location resort in the Caribbean. The client needed to determine the current condition of the new property to decide renovation needs and budget. 

No plans existed for the property, which made seeing and understanding current conditions a challenge. Travel expenses to get to the property for inspection were a key concern with so many stakeholders involved. Along with imagery, data about the property’s assets also needed to be collected. The client contracted IDS to perform image and data capture at the property so they could move forward with renovation.


IDS sent its field service team to the site to capture every inch of detail of the property. This removed the need for multiple other teams to travel to the location to do so. The IDS team captured 2D CAD drawings and visual verification of the entire property.

Services included:

Once onsite work was completed, all imagery and data were available to all stakeholders in the cloud-based IDS platform. This allowed stakeholders to collaborate in real-time from around the world. Once complete, the client’s brand compliance, design, and architecture teams all used the deliverables. Specialty vendors like general contractors and electricians also used them.


IDS enabled quicker collection of data and deliverables. Collection and image capture took 3 days per location. CAD/BIM services were 35% less expensive than a standard bid. All imagery was available in 7 days and all plans were available in 21 days. Exterior inspection was safer and less costly than using scaffolding, lifts, and roof walks. The client team used the imagery as a neutral standardization for each space so management could identify and agree with the renovation plan. The project with IDS’s support was a reputational and financial success.

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