CEO SESSIONS: The Intrinsic Value of Digital Twins


Commercial Real Estate (CRE) decision-making has always rested upon data sets, leveraging market research, and financial analysis. However, the technological evolution in data accessibility, the emergence of location intelligence, and the benefits of adopting a geographic approach when establishing strategic equity planning have emerged as the key drivers of informed CRE decision-making. The challenge lies in implementing location-based strategies that effectively optimize data and incorporates it into existing workflows.

At Immersion Data Solutions (IDS), the focus is on a reimagined approach to CRE property ownership and management ushering in a new era of digital transformation.

In a recent sit-down with CEO, Mike Loukusa, he said, “We recognize the pivotal role that data accessibility and utilization play in shaping strategic decisions.  And that our immersive, geo-spatial digital twin platform is a beacon of unparalleled visibility simplifying access to data once locked in complex silos.”


The surge in accessible data capable of steering business analytics is undeniable. However, converting it into actionable insights remains a universal challenge. Drawing parallels with industries like financial services that underwent a digital upheaval, it's evident that ­­­streamlined data accessibility is integral for swift decision-making. In CRE, reliance on manual processes like spreadsheets, pdfs, or proprietary systems restricts insights to limited, transactional data, omitting critical nuance.

“At IDS, our commitment lies in bridging the gap by pioneering a digital twin platform approach.  We empower multi-site portfolio managers with layers of rich data in a comprehensive 360-degree view of their properties eliminating the need for an on-location physical presence or reliance on manual data sources. Our approach unlocks vast reservoirs of untapped data and ultimately can be considered part of the real estate bundle of sticks”, Loukusa elaborated.


Immersion Data Solutions (IDS) isn't merely advocating a shift; it's fundamentally altering the landscape of CRE with its innovative methodologies. The fusion of location intelligence, technological advancements, and a comprehensive data-driven approach has empowered IDS to redefine how CRE properties are managed and owned.

One crucial aspect highlighted by CEO Mike Loukusa is the unprecedented accessibility and utilization of data. The cornerstone of IDS's strategy lies in their immersive, geo-spatial digital twin platform. This platform isn't just a technological marvel; it's a catalyst for change, providing unparalleled visibility into data that was once confined within intricate silos.

Unpacking the transformative nature of IDS's initiatives reveals a revolution in CRE strategies and management:

  • REVOLUTIONIZING DECISION-MAKING: By embracing this digital twin platform, IDS is redefining decision-making paradigms in CRE. It’s not just about having data; it's about translating it into actionable insights. This shift enables swift, informed decisions that resonate across every facet of property management.
  • ENHANCED INSIGHTS BEYOND TRANSACTIONAL DATA: Traditional methods often constrained insights within transactional data sets like spreadsheets or proprietary systems. IDS breaks these barriers, offering a holistic 360-degree view of properties. This comprehensive perspective opens doors to nuanced insights that were previously inaccessible.
  • EMPOWERING PORTFOLIO MANAGERS: IDS's approach isn't just about data accessibility; it's about empowering portfolio managers. The platform liberates them from the constraints of physical presence or reliance on manual data sources. It's akin to handing them a comprehensive and collaborative toolkit, unlocking vast reservoirs of previously untapped data.

Further, within the context of a rapidly evolving CRE landscape, the intrinsic value of a Digital Twin Platform becomes evident. As a fundamental component for the future sustainability and success of CRE portfolios, a digital twin platform offers robust data visibility. It empowers stakeholders to efficiently own, manage, operate, and maintain a diverse portfolio of properties. The ideal Digital Twin Platform isn't just immersive and geospatial; it's open, alive, and fosters growth through a network ecosystem. This approach isn't merely an innovative tool; it's a catalyst reshaping the very foundation of CRE management and strategy.

Amidst the changes within the CRE landscape, IDS's initiatives transcend mere innovation; they epitomize a profound paradigm shift. As company’s navigate the digital twin transformative journey, IDS emerges as a guiding beacon, lighting a path that promises heightened efficiency, informed decision-making, and a redefined approach to managing CRE properties.

Loukusa emphasized, “It's not just about adopting novel technologies; it's about fundamentally altering the fabric of the industry, paving the way for a future where data-driven strategies executed within an immersive geo-spatial digital twin become the cornerstone of success.”

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