5 ways to reduce facilities management costs

There are many ways facilities managers can reduce costs. Knowing how to identify and implement these strategies is easier said than done. Here are five ways for facilities managers to reduce day-to-day and long-term costs.

Capture imagery and data with a field service team

Traveling to different locations for inspections and maintenance is necessary but can be expensive. These tasks take a lot of time to perform, and expenses are even greater if travel is later found to be unnecessary. Most larger companies have also limited travel due to COVID-19, but they still need to get eyes on properties to effectively manage them and perform remodels.  A field service team can travel to your properties on your behalf to capture imagery, surveys, punchlists, and more from all your facilities. This can greatly reduce travel costs and can help overcome internal travel restrictions. Using an outside partner also allows your team to focus on more urgent and complex tasks while images and data are gathered.

Leverage a robust, cloud-based platform

Capturing imagery and data is step one. You also need an efficient and effective way to put that information to use. Using the right collaborative platform will help you view, organize, and share this information to make important decisions. This helps get ahead of facilities management challenges before they occur or worsen. The cloud-based IDS platform helps your team view and share key info about your properties from anywhere in the world. The platform allows you to capture and access imagery, analyze data, create reports, and more. It’s a perfect solution for the far-reaching and time-sensitive facilities management needs of today.

Track asset work order history

About 44% of all unscheduled equipment downtime results from aging equipment. This makes asset tracking essential to help determine future maintenance needs and scheduling. Outdated methods rely on memory and paperwork to make decisions. This is less efficient and more prone to human error than other more modernized options. Team members might find themselves traveling to facilities without knowing what to expect and without bringing the right parts or tools. The right platform will make asset tracking easy for each of your facilities, helping you see close-up views of specific equipment before ever leaving your desk or office. You can then ensure maintenance personnel bring the right parts and tools needed to make repairs. The IDS platform makes it easy to view asset labels and schedules in any of your facilities at any time to improve maintenance processes. When paired with a robust CMMS platform, managing your assets becomes even easier. 

Get proactive with your maintenance

Reactive maintenance is almost always more costly than a preventive or predictive approach. Waiting for components to break makes them more likely to need replacement. If something breaks and goes unnoticed, it can drain resources without providing benefit. Such asset failure can compromise employee safety and business compliance. Research shows a predictive maintenance program provides 30-40% more savings than reactive maintenance. By scheduling service ahead of time, you can reduce the risk of failures and the costs associated. This information can also help schedule future tasks while ensuring none are repeated. Ask us how leveraging artificial intelligence reporting helps organizations quickly prioritize those locations needing the most attention. 

Partner with IDS

IDS helps facilities managers plan and organize tasks while saving time and money. We provide image and data capture solutions to help you manage all your facilities from one remote platform. Contact us today to save time and money through our facilities management solutions.

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