How imagery and data work together to improve decision-making

3d rendering of building
There are many factors that affect decision-making for facilities managers and project managers in construction and real estate. In addition to budget, these roles must also focus on timeline, resource usage, and steps that will lead to the best possible result for every project or facility. For years, these challenges were uphill battles faced only by having team members located throughout the world, or by paying to send team members to each necessary location. Thankfully, as technology has grown in recent decades, these tasks have become more simplified. Sites can now be remotely viewed alongside relevant data to help inform the right decisions that can reduce costs and timelines. For many projects, this process comes down to two key factors: imagery and data. Here is a closer look at how imagery and data are captured and used together within the IDS platform to inform critical decision-making for national and global companies.

Step 1: Capturing imagery and data

The main challenge facing these teams has always been the need to travel to each facility to assess its condition and needs. This led to high travel costs and slow project processes. Image and data capture through the IDS platform take almost all of this legwork out of the equation for your team. Instead, IDS sends our field service team to each of your locations to capture high-definition imagery and data of the entirety of each facility – inside and out. We perform aerial 360° imagery, aerial mapping, deficiency photography, and more. In essence, our process builds a “digital twin” of the property or space.  These visuals are paired with detailed data relating to dimensions, conditions, heat and moisture damage, asset labeling and scheduling, and more. In addition to using our field service team, you can also capture your own imagery and data with the IDS Capture app right from your mobile device. The IDS Capture app has pinpoint geo-tag accuracy to help you capture professional-quality imagery in seconds from wherever you are.

Step 2: View and share imagery and data

Once imagery and data have been captured, we upload them to the IDS Viewer – our cloud-based platform. DIY users can also upload directly from the IDS Capture app with customized notes for added context. This makes all of this information available to anyone with access to the platform from anywhere in the world. Photos and reports can be viewed, exported, bundled, and sent to decision-makers to ensure all appropriate information is shared with the right people in a fraction of the time of traditional methods. Users can view and share detailed 3D walkthroughs, high-definition aerial and 3D imagery, floor plans, and more. This helps improve decision-making for inspections, remodels, due diligence tasks, and site assessments. The IDS Report Builder tool also lets you build reusable data models and automate data transformation with repeatable tasks and workflows.

Step 3: See for yourself

Immersion Data Solutions provides efficient, full-service image capture solutions for our clients to create highly detailed virtual versions of your facilities. We serve as a true extension of your team, partnering with you to provide custom solutions and responsive support at every turn.  Contact us today to schedule a demo of the IDS platform and to start saving time and money for your business.

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